Filter megasellers from search results

1/23/2015 - We know for many collectors, megasellers represent a nuisance by cluttering up search results with low-quality books and indeterminate descriptions. Using our advanced search, you can now choose to omit exclude megasellers from search results, or you can do so from within search results by using the filter dropdown. This can also be saved as a user preference if you have set up an account with us.

Dealer discounts now reflected in search results

11/7/2014 - If you are a Biblio bookseller in good standing and logged in using your Biblio seller account, you'll now see any dealer discounts offered by fellow Biblio booksellers inline in search results.

BookGilt now offers different layouts for search results

11/6/2014 - Based on user feedback, we've now added three different ways to view your search results: standard (which shows the photo and 10 books per page), compressed (more compact and displays 100 books per page) and gallery (which shows a larger photo but less descriptive text). Just look for this in search results to adjust your layout (once you've chosen a layout, we'll remember it next time you come back):

BookGilt now supports completed listings on eBay

9/26/2014 - We've added the ability to search completed auction and fixed price listings. After performing a search, you can use the "Tools" dropdown menu and click on "Search auctions (Sold items)".

eBay now integrated into BookGilt

9/23/2014 - We're pleased to announce that we've expanded BookGilt further by integrating eBay into the BookGilt platform. Due to the way eBay stores data, however, we are not able to include them in all searches by default. See the FAQ here more information.