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  • Egun : the Ifa concept of ancestor reverence

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    215 pages ; 22 cm.
    Ifa (Religion); Ancestor worship.; Yoruba (African people)--Religion.; Yoruba (African people)--Rites and ceremonies.
    One of the first steps in our spiritual journey is the relationship with Egun. We setup an ancestor alter and faithfully make offerings and discuss our daily happenings, wishes, needs, and dreams. All too often through lack of knowledge from our elders, neglect or lack of communication the door to ancestor communication stays shut. Not because of anything we have done, but what we have not done.We need to open the door into that previously forbidden realm. Know and trust, without fear, a communication with our ancestors... not just a one way monologue, but that two way dialogue, that lets you have a vehicle for knowledge, healing, and informed advice from our long forgotten ancestors.Baba Falokun provides the tools necessary to kick that door open; by using Oriki we can open a door to a level of communication not previously available.As we follow the guide and chant the Oriki for the ancestors to mount the medium, we begin to hear the voices of the past repeating the words with you. Welcome them, the words are thousands of years old and still used today.This is a tool that opens the portals of another dimension. Use them, our ancestors walk with us; don't lose the opportunity to receive a communication. These are a must for anyone doing or wishing to communicate with the other side.