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  • Publisher: Macmillan
New York: Macmillan, 1936. First Edition, First Issue. Signed by Margaret Mitchell on the flyleaf. Laid into the book is what is considered the finest Clark Gable letter extant, an amazing reflection all about Gone With the Wind. Dated January 25, 1960, it is a Typed Letter Signed in blue ink by Clark Gable, on his printed stationery with the original stamped envelope, which is written to the News Editor of the Atlanta Constitution newspaper, Mr. Actor Cordell, Jr., who had asked for Gableâ??s remarks... on Gone With the Wind twenty years after the release of the film classic, and to which Clark Gable wrote this amazing response: "Dear Mr. Cordell: I have received your letter of December 29 and will answer your questions in the order which you ask them. - Yes, it does seem like 20 years. - I feel about GONE WITH THE WIND as being one of the greatest pictures ever made, not because I played a leading role in it, but because of the great story, the way the story was brought to the screen, the production it received, and because of its very fine cast. When I look at the picture now after 20 years, I still feel it is one of the finest motion pictures ever made. - Yes, I think Rhett Butler is my favorite role, and I am associated more with GONE WITH THE WIND than with any of my other pictures. - As to suggestions for the casting of Rhett in the forthcoming stage musical, this is a little out of my line. I am sure the producer and the director will be completely capable of finding a very fine Rhett Butler. - Of the late Margaret Mitchell I would like to say that in addition to writing a wonderful novel she was of great help to me before I started working in the picture, advising me of the manner in which she thought I should attempt to portray Butler. I listened to her and followed her advice, and fortunately for me everything she told me was right. Naturally she was the one to whom I went for advice, because she was the one who had created the character. I am forever grateful to Margaret Mitchell. - Most sincerely, (Signed) Clark Gable.â? This letter was written shortly before Gable left to film his final motion picture, the late masterwork, The Misfits, co-starring Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift directed by John Huston using an original screenplay by Monroeâ??s husband, Arthur Miller. Gable died in November a few days after shooting his last scene. This articulate and fascinating letter, therefore, remains his final observations about Gone With the Wind. The book, itself, is a near fine first edition in original cloth in a very good first issue dust jacket with some minor expert restoration by a paper conservationist. A truly historic piece enclosed in a very handsome custom morocco and cloth custom box.more
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