1892. Early days in Noble County, OH, including the communities of Caldwell, Batesville, Summerfield, Sarahsville and Dexter City, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this NEW 15 Page Booklet reprinted from the 1892 Centennial edition of Henry Howe's Historical Collections of Ohio and other sources. The spiral-bound booklet is printed one-sided on 60# paper with the fine print enlarged for easier reading. A sheet of clear vinyl has been added to protect the front... cover. Among the many and diverse topics in the booklet are: a Monster Tree, Huge Skeletons in a Mound, Unwanted Oil Wells, John Gray, the last surviving Revolutionary War Soldier, Speculation in Oil, Private James Dalzell, General William H. Enochs, Freeman C. Thompson, Medal of Honor recipient, General James Madison Tuttle, Civil War Hero, a Soldiers' Reunion and the Ugliest Man Competition. GENEALOGY BUFFS will find a list of 1888 county officers and businesses. A 1933 look at the history of newspapers in the county, a brief article on Ohio's narrow guage railroad, a map identifying Ohio's 88 counties and a map of 1805 Ohio are also included. . Limited Edition Reprint. Spiral/Comb . New/No Jacket. Illus. by Henry Howe. 8.5" x 11". Private Press.more
Found: 2019-11-03
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